At the top of the game window you can see probably the most important information about the current state of your progress.

Top panel

On the left is a large progress bar for the current level. You can also drag the game window by holding it, if you want. To the right is the number indicating the current level. For each level increase you get one upgrade point. The total number of them can be seen in the bottom left corner.

Upgrade points

You can spend these precious points on the board.

The formula for calculating the requirements for the next level is quite simple: 100 and current level are added to the current requirements and a discount is deducted. You can see the discount if you hover the cursor over the exp bar. Discount is calculated from the collected arrows and something else (not that I don’t remember, it’s just a secret!). Thus, each collected arrow saves you one point of requirements each time you level up. It may seem small, but a simple arithmetic progression calculation shows us that for 100 levels, a 1-point discount brings 5050 points of economy. The sum is appropriate to use, because we are not interested in the requirements for the level, but in the total number of points saved.

Exp points for level up can be obtained from four sources:

  1. Keyboard. Press and release the key;
  2. Mouse. Clicks, mouse movement;
  3. Waiting. Program run time;
  4. Points from the board.

You will receive points for all your actions regardless of whether the game is in a foreground or hidden in tray. If it is not closed and does not stuck frozen - you will get them.

It is not necessary to check regularly for free promotion points by opening game window. When you have them, the application icon in the tray changes.