The board is the main game space. A set of 81 upgrades is randomly placed on it. Acquisition of improvements is made at the expense of points which you get one for each level increase.


  Upgrade Quantity
Keyboard - Pow 5
Keyboard - Cmb 4
Keyboard - Mnt 3
Mouse - Pow 5
Mouse - Cmb 4
Mouse - Mnt 3
Idling - Pow 4
Idling - Cmb 4
Idling - Mnt 4
Plus 16
Plus 5
Die 13
Die 1
Arrow 5
Beacon 3
Star 1
Star 1

The total is 81, you can check. You can find out exactly what all this diversity of upgrades does on other pages. Initially, 5 upgrades are available in the center of the board. Purchase of any upgrade allows you to see what is in the neighboring cells. Apart from the cubes, they make the transition to the next board. When you move to a new board, all upgrades you have purchased on the current board are saved.

It makes sense to move to the next board when you get everything interesting on the current one, or if you think that the chances of getting something so interesting are too low.

Let’s try to calculate the efficiency of the cubes when we are looking up for yellow star, for example. When switching to a new board the chance to find one is 5/81 because any of the five cells can contain what we need. If we open a cell on a fresh board and there is no star visible, the chances are already 3/76. This is about one and a half times lower. There should be 48 unexplored cells left on the board to make the chances equal. But this is accurate only if you are looking for single upgrade.